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Church 24 Saint Benedicts StreetWe are a contemporary church, passionate about helping people experience the goodness of God. If you would like to contact us click here.

The psalmist declared ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’ and similarly we believe that the Gospel promises Gods’ people more of Heaven’s resources than most of us have experienced thus far.

The musos

We note that Jesus did not say, ‘I have come that you may have church and that more abundantly’. He came that we might have life and it is only to the extent that the church encourages and resources this abundant life that it finds its true purpose and validity.

Hence C1 Church is somewhat stripped back and minimalist in its service style and programming, trying to keep the ‘signal to noise ratio’ well and truly skewed away from mere human effort in favour of His divine presence.

That said we do believe that God deserves our best and we welcome people who want to express their gifts and creativity in this place, so that we can all keep developing.  So we would love you to come and check us out and share our communion ‘meal’ with us (bread, wine/juice and of course cheese!).


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A Name change

From C1 Church to CityView Church:

Many may ask what is it about a name that you would need to change it? The simple answer is that we want our name to reflect more of who we are as a church. After a lengthy time of deciding to make a name change – that was the easy part. The reality has been that it was much easier said than done. But at long last  – after a lot of consultation and discussion, we have made the decision! And yes our new name is to be CityView Church.  http://www.facebook.com/C1Church

In essence, the rational for this name change consists of 4 main parts:

  1. CityView Church aptly expresses something of our current location. We have stunning views of Auckland City  – at least from the Waitakeres’ taking in the Upper Harbour – all the way round to a view across the CBD, the Waitemata Harbour and out to Rangitoto.
  2. CityView also expresses who we are as a church; in that we have a view to reach out to help people in this beautiful Auckland City. We therefore see ourselves as a ‘missional’ Church with our own City in view.
  3. This notion of a CityView Church is that we want to  take into consideration the views, the values, the thoughts and the behaviours that influence and impact people who live in cities. We want our Church to provide genuine God solutions and strategies and practical tools to help, pray for, support and care for City dwellers. In times when City living can seem to increase the stresses, pressures, and performance anxieties  in relationships, families, and work – as the pace, at times, seems overwhelming – we want to be part of the solution, rather than add more performance pressures that might otherwise compound the problems.
  4. Finally, and perhaps more importantly, we want CityView Church to be expressive of the overriding value of the prophetic vision stated in Hebrews 11:10, where Abraham’s  overarching purpose is described as  ‘looking for the city…. whose designer and builder is God‘. We share this same passion in that we refuse to be satisfied with church life being about what we can achieve merely through our own human efforts. Jesus said He would build His Church  (Matthew 16:18) – and we want to be participants in that activity!